Experience With a New Technique for Managing Severely Overcorrected Valgus High Tibial Osteotomy at Total Knee Arthroplasty

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Total knee arthroplasty (TKA) after valgus proximal tibial osteotomy poses no major difficulties inmost cases. There is, however, a small subgroup of severely overcorrected patients in whom TKA is particularly difficult. These patients require special considerations. A complex ligament reconstruction has been developed to allow simultaneous implantation of a minimally constrained total knee prosthesis for patients with failed, severely over corrected valgus high tibial osteotomies. The technique is described in five patients. The mean age of the group was 57 years and the average follow-up period was 34 months (range,12–72 months). A 100-point knee-evaluation scale was used to rate the knees before and after TKA. The average pre- and postoperative scores were 50 and 94, respectively. None of the patients was noted to have any more than mild instability in any direction postoperatively. Despite this extensive reconstruction, the group functioned as well as most recipients of more standard primary TKAs and demonstrated it is possible to avoid highly constrained implants, custom prostheses, or majorbone grafts.

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