Ulnar Nerve Decompression With Medial Epicondylectomy for Neuropathy at the Elbow

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Uhar nerve decompression with medial epieondylectomy was performed in 66 elbows between 1966 and 1986 for compressive ulnar neuropathy at the elbow. This study is an updated review that adds 36 cases to a previously published report on 30 cases. These elbows were graded preoperatively and postoperatively using McGowan's grading system. Eighty-three percent improved one or two grades, and 11% improved subjectively although they showed no objective improvement, 3% noted no change, and 3% were subjectively worse. One early case sustained damage to the ulnar collateral ligament with resultant instability. No other complications occurred. The best results were seen in the Grade I and 11 lesions, whereas those with Grade 111 lesions were the least predictable. The procedure is technically uncomplicated with minimal morbidity and reliable results.

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