A 14-year-old girl with lichenoid sarcoidosis successfully treated with tacrolimus

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We report a case of lichenoid sarcoidosis in a young girl treated by oral tacrolimus and methylprednisolone. The patient had had a skin eruption from 1 year of age and had developed uveitis at 2 years of age. Her sight had become affected by the uveitis at 8 years of age. When she was 14, she was admitted to the ophthalmology department of our hospital to start treatment with tacrolimus (FK506). She was referred to the department of dermatology for her skin lesions, which were flat, pinkish or normal skin-colored papules scattered on her extremities and the backs of her hands. Upon histology, epithelioid granulomas were seen in the upper dermis and around the erector pili muscles. She received tacrolimus (FK506) 6 mg/day for 3 months for her uveitis. The eye lesions subsided somewhat, and the skin lesions were almost healed after the 3-month course of tacrolimus. However, 4 months after stopping the tacrolimus, her skin and eye lesions relapsed. At that point, she was started on methylprednisolone 16 mg/day for her uveitis. With the methylprednisolone treatment, the inflammation of the eye lesion immediately healed, as did the skin lesions.

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