Postbiotic Activities of Lactobacilli-derived Factors

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Probiotics are alive nonpathogenic microorganisms present in the gut microbiota that confer benefits to the host for his health. They act through molecular and cellular mechanisms that contrast pathogen bacteria adhesion, enhance innate immunity, decrease pathogen-induced inflammation, and promote intestinal epithelial cell survival, barrier function, and protective responses. Some of these beneficial effects result to be determined by secreted probiotic-derived factors that recently have been identified as “postbiotic” mediators. They have been reported for several probiotic strains but most available literature concerns Lactobacilli. In this review, we focus on the reported actions of several secretory products of different Lactobacillus species highlighting the available mechanistic data. The identification of soluble factors mediating the beneficial effects of probiotics may present an opportunity not only to understand their fine mechanisms of action, but also to develop effective pharmacological strategies that could integrate the action of treatments with live bacteria.

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