Transformational Leadership Practices of Chief Nursing Officers in Magnet® Organizations

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Objective:This study describes the transformational leadership practices of Magnet® chief nursing officers (CNOs).Background:It is believed that transformational leadership practices influence quality and are integral to Magnet designation.Methods:E-mail surveys of 384 Magnet CNOs were conducted in 2011 using the leadership practices inventory (LPI).Results:Enabling others to act and modeling the way are top practices of Magnet CNOs. Those 60 years or older and those with doctorate degrees scored significantly higher in inspiring a shared vision and challenging the process. There was a significant positive relationship between total years as a CNO and inspiring a shared vision and between total scores on the LPI and number of beds in the organization.Conclusions:As CNOs gain experience and education, they exhibit more transformational leadership characteristics. Magnet organizations should take steps to retain CNOs and support their development and advancement.

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