Blade-Plating of Closed Displaced Supracondylar Fractures of the Distal Femur with the AO System

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We reviewed a series of 42 closed and displaced supracondylar and intercondylar fractures of the distal end of the femur that were treated over a 7-year period by open reduction and internal fixation using the AO system (blade-plate). A strict rating scale incorporating subjective data and objective motion of the involved knee was used for the results. At a mean follow-up of 5 years, the results in eight patients were rated excellent, the results in 14 were rated as good, the results in 11 as fair, and the results in nine as poor. Complications were found in 15 patients (37.5%). Complications included postoperative osteomyelitis in two; nonunions in three; malunions in two; delayed unions in two; marked loss of knee motion in four; and superficial infection and wound hematoma in one patient each.

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