Laparoscopic Exposure in Obese High-Risk Patients With Mechanical Displacement of the Abdominal Wall

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BACKGROUND:Patients with morbid obesity or pulmonary disease are at a higher risk for complications during advanced laparoscopic procedures. Higher intraperitoneal carbon dioxide pressures required to elevate the pannus can negatively impact hemodynamic and respiratory parameters.CASES:We describe a technique that uses a combination of a mechanical retractor and a Foley catheter inserted midway between the umbilicus and the pubic symphysis that assists in elevating the anterior abdominal wall. In 3 cases this technique allowed for a low-pressure pneumoperitoneum during advanced laparoscopic pelvic surgery, which resulted in improved hemodynamic parameters and pulmonary function in these high-risk patients.CONCLUSION:The Foley Lap-Lift facilitated laparoscopy through mechanical abdominal wall elevation and allowed for a lower-pressure pneumoperitoneum. This technique is an addition to traditional operative laparoscopy in select high-risk patients.

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