Daily Disposable Contact Lenses versus Spectacles in Teenagers

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PurposeTo compare clinical and subjective quality-of-life (QoL) data for teenagers wearing daily disposable contact lenses or spectacles.MethodsThis open-label study randomized subjects (aged 13 to 19 years) with no previous contact lens wear experience to nelfilcon A (DAILIES AquaComfort Plus) contact lenses or spectacles for 6 months. A full clinical workup, as well as subjective QoL measures using the Pediatric Refractive Error Profile and Quality of Life Impact of Refractive Correction questionnaires, was conducted at baseline and at week 4 and months 3 and 6, with an additional study visit at week 2 for subjects randomized to wear contact lenses.ResultsA total of 110 teenagers were enrolled in the study; 13 discontinued before study completion, 10 (17.5%) from the contact lens group and 3 (5.7%) from the spectacle group (p = 0.04). Visual acuity was good for both groups at all study visits. Biomicroscopy assessments were similar at baseline for both groups. Significant differences in Pediatric Refractive Error Profile responses were noted between vision correction groups across visits for appearance (p < 0.001), satisfaction (p < 0.001), activities (p < 0.001), peer perception (p = 0.003), and overall score (p < 0.001). For Quality of Life Impact of Refractive Correction, the contact lens group gave more favorable responses than the spectacle group (p = 0.02). After 6 months of wearing contact lenses, teenagers had a more positive attitude toward comfort, vision, and safety with contact lenses. No serious adverse events were reported during the study.ConclusionsThe daily disposable lenses used in this study are suitable for vision correction for teenagers, offering improvements in QoL measures during the first month of wear, including appearance, satisfaction, activities, and peer perceptions, without negatively impacting vision or eye health. Teenagers were able to handle contact lenses with the same amount of confidence as spectacles.

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