Webbing of the Neck: Correction by Tissue Expansion

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Ever since Kobylinski1 described the webbed neck deformity in 1883, there has been a spectrum of procedures described in the literature to correct this deformity. The webbed neck deformity is one of the most conspicuous deformities of Turner's syndrome, infantilism and cubitus valgus making up the triad of Turner's syndrome.2 The webbed neck deformity is a teasing matter for a child with Turner's syndrome.A large Z-plasty3 is a simple technique that corrects the webbing but this has two major disadvantages: (I) the hair-bearing flap comes more anteriorly, and (2) the scar over the lateral aspect of the neck is very disfiguring.The other techniques,4–6 even though they correct the webbing and the low hairline, leave disfiguring scars over the neck.

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