Modification of the Stages in Total Reconstruction of the Auricle: Part III. Grafting the Three-Dimensional Costal Cartilage Framework for Small Concha-Type Microtia

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The characteristic features of small concha-type microtia are the existence of the remnant ear and lobule and a small indentation representing the concha. Presently, the microtic disorder known as hypoplasia of the middle third of the auricle has the featured characteristics of a well-developed lobule, scapha, and helix and the existence of a small concha. Therefore, from these clinical aspects and features, the major criterion for classification for this particular type of microtia (small concha-type microtia) is the presence of the small concha.The modification stages involved in total reconstruction of the auricle for small concha-type microtia are described and discussed in this paper. (Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 93: 243, 1994.)

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