A Formula Determining Resection Weights for Reduction Mammaplasty

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Background:Reduction mammaplasty is a frequently performed plastic surgical procedure, yet preoperative assessment usually excludes an estimated resection weight. In this retrospective study, a formula was derived using regression analysis of routinely measured preoperative anthropomorphic measurements and intraoperative resection weights.Methods:Data were collected from 214 consecutive breast reduction patients operated on at a tertiary referral center between January of 1993 and January of 2006. The operations were performed by 15 plastic surgeons using a variety of reduction pattern techniques. Four variables were recorded for each patient: notch to nipple distance, nipple to inframammary crease distance, body mass index, and age. Regression analysis was performed on the data to establish which preoperative measurements correlated most accurately with the resection weight.Results:The following formula was established relating nipple to inframammary crease distance and notch to nipple distance measurement to the weight removed: Breast weight = (35.4 × notch to nipple distance + 60.66 × nipple to inframammary crease distance) – 1239.64.Conclusion:Use of this formula aids the surgeon with patient counseling, insurance company quotes, and intraoperatively in patients with asymmetry or those undergoing reconstruction, as a guide to resection weights.

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