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Background:Most retinal detachments associated with retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) are radial, segmental, or circumferential with cicatricial extraretinal fibrovascular proliferation (EFP) at the apex of the detachment. This report describes peculiar tent-shaped retinal detachments that developed among eyes with ROP.Methods:An observational case series consisting of 9 patients and 13 eyes with tent-shaped retinal detachments. Their morphology, clinical baseline, surgical course, and final retinal status were extracted from medical records.Results:Eight had simple tent-shaped retinal detachments, three had a double tent-shaped retinal detachment, one had a chevron-based retinal detachment, and one had a star-shaped retinal detachment. Each case had a disk based stalk that extended to the apex of the traction retinal detachment and continued anteriorly; 12 stalks inserted in the retrolental space and 1 terminated in the mid vitreous. Six eyes were stage 4A, two eyes were stage 4B, and five eyes were stage 5. Vitrectomy surgery was performed on 11 eyes. Surgery resulted in retinal attachment in nine eyes, and two retinas remained detached.Conclusion:Tent-shaped retinal detachments are seen in patients with ROP. A stalk should be sought in evaluation of these eyes. Vitreous surgery focused on relieving this traction is often successful.

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