Bone Grafts Using Autogenous Tooth Blocks: A Case Series

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Objective:A case study was conducted to examine the clinical results and histologic healing of bone grafts performed using an autogenous tooth block (AutoBT block), which was developed recently and proprietary.Study Design:Guided bone regeneration, extraction socket graft, sinus bone graft, and ridge augmentation were performed using autogenous tooth block graft material in 12 patients from March 2009 to June 2010. The clinical outcomes of each case were examined, and tissue specimens were collected from 1 case 2.5 months after the bone graft for histopathological analysis.Results:All of the cases had successful bone graft results. One patient developed wound dehiscence after surgery, although favorable secondary healing was achieved. One implant resulted in osseointegration failure. A histopathologic examination was performed after 2.5 months and showed excellent bone healing due to osteoconduction. The AutoBT block was incorporated into the upper soft tissue, aponeurosis, and lower recipient bone.Conclusion:There were no notable complications associated with the bone transplant materials. The AutoBT block is clinically useful for a variety of bone grafts.

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