Comparison of 2 Crestal Sinus Floor Lift Techniques Performed on Human Cadavers

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Purpose:To compare the effectiveness of 2 different techniques to lift the maxillary sinus floor through a crestal approach on fresh human cadaver heads: the Intralift technique using Piezosurgery and the Summers technique using osteotomy.Materials and Methods:Two different protocols were simulated on 11 fresh human cadaver heads or 22 maxillary sinuses. Inclusion criteria were: bilateral edentulous maxilla with a residual ridge height between 3 and 9 mm. CT scans were performed before and after surgery on all fresh cadaver heads. Both Intralift and Summers techniques were performed on the same maxilla on the 2 sinuses. The surgical procedure was performed by 2 independent operators, 1 experienced and 1 novice to compare the 2 results. The parameters assessed were the procedure duration and the sinus membrane preservation.Results:The procedure duration was shorter when the operator was more experienced (P = 0.03). There was a correlation between the operator dexterity and the time required for surgery. The Intralift technique seemed safer for sinus membrane preservation.Conclusion:The Intralift technique is an interesting alternative to the Summers technique.

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