The relationship between hair pulling style and quality of life

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BACKGROUND:Past research has found different associations between hair pulling (HP) variables and quality of life (QOL), especially after controlling for depression. This study examined HP styles (automatic vs focused) for their associations with QOL and whether depression accounted for these relationships.METHODS:Our sample consisted of 187 adults who met DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for trichotillomania (TTM) or chronic HP (TTM criteria except B and/or C). Clinician-administered interviews were used to diagnose TTM/HP. Participants completed self-report scales for HP style and severity, QOL, and severity of depression.RESULTS:Significant correlations were reported between QOL and the focused style of HP, as well as with interference and distress from HP. Exploratory analyses also revealed a correlation between number of HP sites and QOL. None of the correlations remained significant after controlling for severity of depression.CONCLUSIONS:These results indicate that future research on HP style also should consider the impact of co-occurring depressive symptoms. Interventions addressing both depression and HP should be considered in treatment planning to optimize outcomes.

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