Comparison of Auscultatory and Oscillometric Blood Pressures

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ObjectiveTo study the differences in blood pressure readings between the auscultatory and oscillometric (Dinamap model 8100; Critikon, Tampa, Fla) methods.DesignSurvey of 2 blood pressure instruments.SettingPublic schools.ParticipantsSeven thousand two hundred eight schoolchildren aged 5 through 17 years.Main Outcome MeasureBlood pressure levels.ResultsFor all children combined, Dinamap systolic pressure readings were 10 mm Hg higher (95% confidence interval, −4 to 24 mm Hg) than the auscultatory systolic pressure readings. Dinamap diastolic pressure readings were 5 mm Hg higher (95% confidence interval, −14 to 23 mm Hg) than the auscultatory Korotkoff phase V diastolic pressure readings.ConclusionThese findings preclude the interchange of readings by the 2 methods. Caution must be exercised in the diagnosis of hypertension when an automated device is used.Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med.2001;155:50-53

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