Manipulating Exercise Order Affects Muscular Performance During a Resistance Exercise Training Session

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This investigation looked at the effects of exercise order on performance of isotonic muscle contractions. Subjects, 17 trained men between the ages of 18 and 29, were strength tested using 6 standard lifts. Each then completed 2 sessions consisting of 4 sets of 8 contractions (or until muscle failure), for each exercise with 2 min rest between sets. The order for one trial was squat, leg extension, leg flexion, bench press, military press, and triceps pushdown; for the other trial it was leg flexion, leg extension, squat, triceps pushdown, military press, and bench press. When the triceps pushdown and military press preceded the bench press, the bench press total force (TF) was significantly reduced. The TF for squats, leg extensions, and triceps pushdown were all significantly greater when done first in the first exercise sequence. Cumulative TF was greater when structural exercises (multijointed) were done first. Fatigue rate and TF for the bench press were substantially decreased when single-jointed exercises preceded structural ones.

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