Effects of Creatine Monohydrate Ingestion on Intermediate Duration Anaerobic Treadmill Running to Exhaustion

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To determine whether creatine monohydrate (CR) supplementation would improve intermediate duration anaerobic treadmill running to exhaustion (≈90 s), 11 men received a CR or glucose placebo at 20 g · d−1 × 4 days and 10 g · d−1 × 6 days. After 2 weeks of rehearsal they performed 2 exhaustive runs, separated by 8 min of recovery, at individually prescribed grades. Time to exhaustion for independent runs (TTE), total time to exhaustion for both runs combined (TTETotal), and blood lactate concentration ([BLa]) were examined for each run. Significant treatment effects for group estimates of TTETotal were noted. Overall, CR group running times improved more during the second run than the first and were significantly greater for TTETotal. CR [BLa] during each posttest trial was also greater. These results suggest that CR supplementation may improve longer anaerobic work tasks, especially during repeated work bouts, by facilitating recovery and promoting a greater bioenergetic base from which to perform subsequent work tasks.

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