The Effect of Carbohydrate Supplementation on Multiple Sessions and Bouts of Resistance Exercise

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The effects of carbohydrate (CHO) supplementation on multiple sets of resistance training exercise during the second training session on a given training day were examined with 6 resistance-trained men (mean ± SEM; age: 24.3 ± 2.1 years; height: 176.9 ± 1.6 cm; body mass: 82.6 ± 2.8 kg). The subjects participated in a randomized, counterbalanced, double-blind protocol with testing days separated by at least 1 week. A CHO supplement consisting of 0.3 g?kg body mass−1 or placebo (P) was ingested during the morning training session, 4 hours of recovery, and the sets of squats performed to exhaustion (STE). The STE consisted of sets of 10 repetitions of squats performed at 55% of 1 repetition maximum, with a 3-minute rest between sets, performed to muscular failure. Performance measured in number of sets (CHO: 18.7 ± 4.8; P: 11.3 ± 2.7), repetitions (CHO: 198.7 ± 46.8; P: 131.0 ± 27.2), and duration (CHO: 77.7 ± 19.4 minutes; P: 46.1 ± 8.9 minutes) were statistically different between the CHO and P trials. The results suggest that CHO supplementation enhances the performance of multiple STEs during the second workout on a given day.

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