A New Bone Conduction Implant: Surgical Technique and Results

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ObjectiveTo describe the surgical technique under local or general anesthesia of 5 cases that have undergone this procedure and the audiologic results obtained with this new device.PatientsFour patients with mixed hearing loss and 1 patient with single-sided deafness.InterventionTherapeutic.Main Outcome MeasuresThe surgery was planned beforehand with a 3D reconstruction of a CT scan. The procedure was documented and timed in every case. Air and bone conductive pure tone audiometry and disyllabic words discrimination were tested after and before the procedure. Results were statistically analyzed.ResultsAll patients tolerated well the procedure. Four patients were intervened under local anesthesia and 1 under general anesthesia because of an associated procedure. All patients showed statistically significant difference between the presurgery and postsurgery audiologic tests.ConclusionImplantation of the Bonebridge with local or general anesthesia is a safe and feasible procedure, with audiometric results that can come close with the ones provided by BAHD users.

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