The Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education: A Response to the Nursing Shortage

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The Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education (OCNE) is a statewide coalition designed as a long-term solution to the nursing shortage and in response to the need for a new kind of nurse to care for Oregon's aging and increasingly diverse population. It is an effort to increase capacity in schools of nursing by making the best use of scarce faculty, classrooms, and clinical training resources in the delivery of a standard curriculum on 13 campuses, including 8 community colleges and the 5 campuses of the OHSU School of Nursing. This article describes the development of OCNE, including infrastructure development, creation of the shared curriculum, redesign of clinical education, faculty development, and plans for evaluation. If OCNE is successful in achieving its goals, it holds substantial policy implications for the development of nursing education systems, design of curricula, use of simulation as a component of clinical education, and delivery of clinical education.

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