Functional and Neurological Outcome of Stroke and the Relation to Stroke Severity and Type, Stroke Unit Treatment, Body Temperature, Age, and Other Risk Factors: The Copenhagen Stroke Study

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Knowledge of neurological and functional outcome is essential when dealing with the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with stroke. This article describes functional and neurological outcome and speed of recovery in relation to initial stroke severity. Recovery of specific functions such as walking, upper extremity function, bowel and bladder, and language is also described. Detailed information about factors important to recovery including body temperature, blood glucose, stroke in progression, stroke type, and treatment on a dedicated stroke unit is given. The article is based on information from the 1,197 patients with acute stroke included in the community-based Copenhagen Stroke Study. All these patients had all their treatment and rehabilitation on a dedicated stroke unit regardless of their age, stroke severity, and premorbid condition.

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