Bioinformatics in Retina

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Bioinformatics, a word coined for the applications of computer science in biology, is now promising as a major constituent in modern biology and biomedical research. Bioinformatics plays an important role for the integration of broad disciplines of biology to understand the complex mechanisms of the cell. Bioinformatics also aids the way in which biomedical investigators use the information in their testing. Development and implementation of this novel field enable efficient access and management of different types of biological information including those at the genomic, proteomic, and metabolomic level to understand about disease mechanisms and identify new molecular targets for drug discovery. Bioinformatics has expanded its wings in exploring out different important contributions in relation with medical sciences such as neurology, parasitology, hematology, and pathology including ophthalmology. Many bioinformatics-oriented studies have contributed a lot in ophthalmology and given birth to new avenues of occuloinformatics, hence, a new coined term, occuloinformatics: a new approach of research and diagnostics related to ocular disorders with significant inputs of bioinformatics. In this current review, we tried to focus on current avenues and significant contributions of bioinformatics with special reference to retinal disorders.

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