Asymptomatic Prosthetic Valve Dysfunction: Pannus?
Tissue Engineered Heart Valves: Autologous Cell Seeding on Biodegradable Polymer Scaffold
Histological and Immunohistological Study of Cryopreserved Aortic Valve Grafts: The Possibility of a Clinical Application for Cryopreserved Aortic Valve Xenograft
Experimental Evaluation and Early Clinical Results of a New Low-Profile Bileaflet Aortic Valve
Implications for the Establishment of Accelerated Fatigue Test Protocols for Prosthetic Heart Valves
Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery by the Port-Access Method
Is Low-Intensity Anticoagulant Therapy Possible with an Open Pivot Valve?: Analysis of Its Development
Left Ventricular Remodeling After Pulmonary Autograft Aortic Valve Replacement: Evaluation with Color-Doppler Echocardiography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Short-Term Result of Aortic Valve Replacement with Cryopreserved Homograft Valve in the University of Tokyo Tissue Bank
Intensive Imaging Assessment for Successful Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery
Thrombolytic Therapy with Tissue Plasminogen Activator for the Treatment of Nonstructural Malfunction of Bileaflet Cardiac Valve Prostheses
Aortic Root Replacement Using Composite Valve Graft in Patients with Aortic Valve Disease and Aneurysm of the Ascending Aorta: Twenty Years' Experience of Late Results
Long-Term Results for Aortic Valve Replacement with Small Aortic Annulus
Long-Term Results of Valve Replacement with the CarboMedics Prosthetic Heart Valve
Aortic Valve Replacement in the Calcified Small Aortic Root by Hemitranslocation of the Valve
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