On the Occasion of the 9th Vienna International Workshop on Functional Electrical Stimulation
Inconsistency of Reported Uremic Toxin Concentrations
The Influence of Hemodialysis on P-Wave Signal-Averaged Electrocardiogram Findings
Inhibition of Platelet Receptors Involved in Neutrophil–Platelet Interaction in Model Cardiopulmonary Bypass
A Novel Design of a Noncylindric Stent With Beneficial Effects on Flow Characteristics
Effects of Tongue Position and Base Circle Diameter on the Performance of a Centrifugal Blood Pump
Cadaver Fitting Study of the DexAide Right Ventricular Assist Device
Perfluorocarbon Emulsions Cytotoxic Effects on Human Fibroblasts and Effect of Aging on Particle Size Distribution
Convection-enhanced High-Flux Hemodialysis
Upcoming Meetings
The benefits and limitations of electrically stimulating muscles with established denervation atrophy
Course of denervation and effects of electrical stimulation in long-term denervated pig muscles
Spontaneous myogenesis in denervated human muscle and FES-induced muscle mass recovery in paraplegics with complete lower motor neuron lesion
Atrophy and degeneration of long-term denervated human skeletal muscle is reversible
In vivo functional electrical stimulation of feline lateral rectus
The European R&D Project RISE---Use of electrical stimulation to restore standing in paraplegics with long-term denervated degenerated muscles (DDM)
Stimulation equipment for FES of denervated muscles in experiment and clinical application
Design of a stimulator to activate denervated degenerated muscles
Test and measurement equipment for functional assessment of denervated muscles
Comparison of femur bone density, muscle size and mechanical properties by denervated and degenerated thigh muscles
Denervated degenerated muscle growth influenced by FES
FES of long term denervated, degenerated human skeletal muscle
Design of an implant for preventing incontinence after spinal cord injury
Intra-body network for advanced and efficient functional electrical stimulation
Troubleshooting for DBS patients by a non-invasive method with subsequent examination of the implantable device
Fabrication of neural microelectrode arrays from platinum foil and silicone rubber
A new layout of multipolar recording cuff electrode for high electroneurograms spatial selectivity
Minimally-invasive intramuscular massive muscle stimulation
The effect of modification of the nano-topography of implantable surfaces on the proliferation of fibroblasts
Finger and wrist torque measurement system for the evaluation of grasp performance with neuroprostheses
Experimental results in assessing the grip force control in stroke patients during the FES-based rehabilitative treatment
Hand capability augmentation based on FES assisted force tracking
A hybrid system for upper limb movement restoration in quadriplegics
Textile neuroprosthesis garment for functional electrical stimulation
Chargepump output circuit for biphasic electrical stimulation
Post-stroke hemiparesis
Post-stroke upper limb rehabilitation using 5--7 implanted microstimulators
Selective stimulation of autonomic nerves and recording of electroneurograms in a dog model
Procedure for real-time optimization of cardiac control through vagal nerve stimulation
Blood pressure responses in paraplegic subjects during FES-induced walking
Oral Presentation Iterative learning control for correction of drop-foot using bio-impedance as sensory information
Combination of passive therapeutic arm and FES in treadmill gait reeducation
Contrasting design issues for upper and lower limb neuroprosthetic systems
Description of postural coordination patterns in FES-assisted standing in complete paraplegia
Wireless motion-sensors during FES-induced walking in paraplegic subjects
Physiotherapists' experiences of using functional electrical stimulation for dropped-foot after stroke in Ireland
Lower extremities training by the use of virtual environment and functional electrical stimulation
A model for transcutaneous electrical stimulation using activation volumes to describe the influence of the electrode placement
A finite element model to identify electrode influence on current distribution in the skin
A finite element model of the electrically stimulated human thigh
A new approach to simulate Hodgkin---Huxley like excitation with FEMLAB
Development of modeling functional electrical stimulation in denervated muscle
Pulse-shape energy minimization for magnetic stimulation systems
Clinical practice of FES
Transcutaneous stimulation of human lumbar posterior roots
Modification of multisegmental motor nuclei outputs of the lumbar cord by suprasegmental motor tasks
Externally controlled “coded” trains of input stimuli to the human lumbar cord can elicit a variety of input-related functional and non-functional movements
Understanding the mechanisms of action of intraspinal microstimulation
Classification of sacral root nerve signals with signal-dependent wavelets
Cardiorespiratory, metabolic and biomechanical responses during FES leg exercise
Real-time PCR to follow the response of muscle to training
The effects of a long term program of functional electrically stimulated cycling on muscle properties and power output in spinal cord injured people
Effect of FES cycling cadence on muscle girth, strength, and endurance after SCI
Quantitative comparison between different stimulation strategies during cycling on spinal cord injured patients
Development of a hybrid FES tricycle
FES rowing after spinal cord injury
The first international FES sports day
Transcranial electrostimulation of the brain endorphinergic structures for effective treatment of the sensorineuronal hearing loss
Evaluation of hearing of partial deafness patients with cochlear implants by auditory evoked potentials
Intraoral electromyostimulation for therapy in obstructive sleep apnea
Long term or short term electromyostimulation therapy in obstructive sleep apnea (OSAS)?
Spinal cord stimulation for chronic pain (failed back surgery syndrome)
Management of post stroke central pain
Treatment of chronic neuropathic pain---First clinical experience with peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS)