Dr. Michael E. DeBakey and His Contributions in the Field of Artificial Organs September 7, 1908–July 11, 2008
The Birth of the Artificial Heart Programs in the World
Force Characteristics of In Vivo Tissue-engineered Myocardial Constructs Using Varying Cell Seeding Densities
Hydrogel-based Engineered Skeletal Muscle Grafts Normalize Heart Function Early After Myocardial Infarction
In Vitro Assessment of Dialysis Membrane as an Endotoxin Transfer Barrier
Better Sleep Quality and Less Daytime Symptoms in Patients on Evening Hemodialysis
Coated Carbon Hemoperfusion Provides Limited Clearance of Protein-bound Solutes
A Hybrid System for Upper Limb Movement Restoration in Quadriplegics
Elective Bridging to Recovery After Repair
The Human Umbilical Vein
The Complementarity of the Technical Tools of Tissue Engineering and the Concepts of Artificial Organs for the Design of Functional Bioartificial Tissues
Spongy Polyethersulfone Membrane for Hepatocyte Cultivation
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