6th Latin American Congress of Artificial Organs and Biomaterials
Welcome to the 10th Vienna International Workshop on Functional Electrical Stimulation
FES and motor control
Neural control of posture and locomotion
Human neurophysiology of the voluntary motor tasks
Comparison of neuromuscular stimulation to exercise
Neuro-motor rehabilitation in reference to control theory
The role of materials biocompatibility for FES applications
Technical challenges with cochlear implants and the Medel cochlear implant company
Preliminary comparison between haptic and electrical stimulation adaptive support for upper extremity motor training
Perspectives of peripheral functional magnetic stimulation in the rehabilitation of central pareses
Cortical change and functional recovery of upper limb by therapeutic electrical stimulation with chronic hemiplegic patient: A case report
Therapeutic electrical stimulation through surface electrodes for hemiplegic shoulder subluxation - comparative study of the low-frequency stimulation method and the Russian method
Semi-closed loop tremor attenuation with FES
Gait cycle detection using 3-axes linear accelerometers and gyroscopes in hemiplegic patients
Event detection for gluteal or hamstring stimulation during walking in neurological patients
Twenty-five year stimulation of the common peroneal nerve
An experimental setup for stimulation selectivity measurement - variability of the muscle responses to the constant stimulus
An EMG based system for assessment of recovery of movement
Reducing the upper body effort during FES-assisted arm-supported standing up in paraplegic patients
Home-based FES in SCI: Recovery of tetanic contractility drives the structural improvements of denervated muscles
A review on functional electrical stimulation in China
Use of an inverted pendulum apparatus for the study of closed-loop FES control of the ankle joints during quiet standing
Development of a method for estimating unit conduction velocity using spectral analysis of the action potential
Including non-ideal behavior in simulations of functional electrical stimulation applications
Stimulation selectivity of an interfascicular electrode in the sciatic nerve of rabbits
Repetitive Exercises using electrical stimulation and a robot arm for upper extremities: A pilot study
Toronto rehabilitation institute's functional electrical stimulation therapy for grasping in traumatic incomplete spinal cord injury: Randomized control trial
Optimal walking trajectories estimation using wavelet neural network for FES-assisted arm-supported paraplegic walking
Combined video game and neuromuscular stimulation based training
Motion analysis of low-intensity back muscle exercise using a three-dimensional musculoskeletal model
Stimulus-response curves: Effect of recording site and inter-electrode distance
3D-color computer tomography: monitoring of muscle recovery in SCI patients treated with electrical stimulation.
Cardiopulmonary responses to active and electrically stimulated stepping, with robotics assistance in early-stage spinal cord injury
Modulation of seizure susceptibility by spinal cord stimulation
EMG-triggered neuromuscular electrical stimulation combined with motor point block to improve on hand function in hemiplegic patients with severe spasticity
Mapping method using a super multi-electrical stimulation device
Polymyography during hemiplegic walking: Implications for control of FES
Active Books: A practical way to increase the number of stimulation channels for FES after SCI?
The limits of hermeticity test methods for micro-packages
Functioning of sacro-lumbar anterior root stimulator implant
Methods for in vitro study of electrical current and potentials distribution in layered biological tissue
The effects of intermittent electrical stimulation with varying load and stimulation paradigms for the prevention of deep tissue injury
Iterative learning control for FES of the ankle
Influence of back muscle strength on Vertebral Stress-Formation of Trunk Musculoskeletal Model
Movement of ankle plantar flexor and subjective pain by monophasic electrical stimulation
The dynamics of cortical reorganization associated with voluntary and peripheral electrical stimulus
Performance of implanted multi-site EMG recording electrodes: in vivo impedance measurements and spectral analysis
Evaluation of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation treatment in two incomplete tetraplegic case studies
EMG recordings of triceps brachii muscle in rats during downhill locomotion
In vivo electrical stimulation of rat triceps brachii muscle to identify intramuscular electrical sensitive points
Towards the development of an integrated stimulator for Active Books
Sacro-lumbar anterior root stimulator implant for exercising
Can the coherence between two EMG signals be used to measure the voluntary drive in paretic muscles?
Improving the hemiplegic hand function by FES using direct myoelectric control
Characterization of peri-infarct, intra-cortical motor cortex responses during reaching task in a chronic animal model of ischemic stroke
Multicenter clinical trial of myoelectrically-controlled FES (MeCFES) for assisting hand function in subjects with tetraplegia - a study of user population, orthotic effect and ADL use
Automatic real time procedure for adjusting the stimulus intensities to ensure reliable measurements of the H-reflex recruitment curve
Bioimpedance based measurement system for a controlled swallowing neuro-prosthesis
Reduction of the onset response in high frequency nerve block with frequency and amplitude transitioned waveforms
Flexible shaft electrodes for transdural implantation and chronic re-cording
The effect of an abdominal FES training protocol on pulmonary function in tetraplegia
A biofeedback treatment based on FES to recover the medial hamstring use in stroke patients suffering of stiff legged gait
Restoring stepping after spinal cord injury using novel electrical stimulation and feedback control strategies
Active arm involvement in the rehabilitation of walking after spinal cord injury: A case study
FES-assisted cycling training can improve cycling performance, cardiorespiratory fitness, strength, gait and functional activity following an 8-week, home-based training program — a case report
Effects of the number of pulses on evoked sensations in pairwise electrocutaneous stimulation
Brain activation during active, passive and FES-induced movements: A feasibility fMRI study
Repeated bout effect during eccentric FES cycling: First results
A study on feedback error learning controller for FES: Generation of target trajectories by minimum jerk model
Selectivity of longitudinal versus transverse tripolar stimulation of median nerve in pigs using a multicontact nerve cuff electrode
Cortically controlled functional electrical stimulation: A neuroprosthesis for grasp function
A Preliminary study of muscle fatigue evaluation using M-waves elicited by additional pulses for rehabilitation with FES
Neural control of human posture and movement: Modifications of monosynaptic lumbosacral posterior root-muscle reflexes
Optimum current strength for electrical stimulation in children with spastic cerebral palsy: a case study.
A comparative study on electrical stimulation and magnetic stimulation as for the muscle contractility and the pain perception
Effect of combined peripheral motor electrical stimulation and anodal transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in stroke patients
Bi-moment chair for the measurement of joint moments
Development of a thin-film array for cortical stimulation
Neurophysiology of the human lumbar locomotor pattern generator
High performance motion control by neuro-muscular electrical stimulation applied to the upper-limb
Therapeutic FES with distributed units
A switched capacitor method for crosstalk reduction in vestibular nerve stimulators
Joint reaction force of lower extremities during rowing in non-disabled individuals
Optimization of electrode placement for abdominal muscle stimulation
Development of a wearable sensory prosthetic device for patients with peripheral neural disturbances
Torque prediction based on evoked EMG in fatiguing muscle toward advanced drop foot correction
Output-error model system identification for FES-driven control of knee extensor muscles
Optimization of a tremor-reduction algorithm for asynchronous stimulation of independent motor-unit groups
Clinical trials of functional electrical stimulation for swallowing disorders
Diaphragm pacing with endovascular electrodes
Dependence of implantation angle of the transverse, intrafascicular electrode (TIME) on selective activation of pig forelimb muscles
On the stability of PEDOT as coating material for active neural implants
Development of an implantable myoelectric sensor for advanced prosthesis control
The time dependence of oxygen uptake and evoked torque during prolonged isometric sub-tetanic NMES
Effects of FastFES gait training on mechanical recovery in post-stroke gait
Blink prosthesis for facial paralysis patients
On the microscopic magnetic stimulation
Use of ultrasound current source density imaging (UCSDI) to monitor electrical stimulation of denervated muscles and fiber activity, some theoretical considerations
Neuroprosthesis for finger rehabilitation and independent user application
1100-channel neural stimulator for functional electrical stimulation using high-electrode-count neural interfaces
Effects of recovery after fatigue on m-wave vs. torque relationships during isometric FES-induced contractions
An energy-efficient and multiple-waveform stimuli generator for visual cortex microstimulation
Enhancement of vowel encoding for cochlear implants by adding a high frequency signal: A modeling study
Current-distance relations for microelectrode stimulation of pyramidal cells
Four-channel neuromuscular stimulator designed for elderly people
Spinal involvement and muscle cramps in electrically-elicited muscle contractions
Computation in neuroscience of conducting and processing capabilities of the human nervous system
Activation threshold and contraction dynamics of quadriceps femoris heads measured with ultrasound imaging: A pilot study
Improving stimulation, recording, and modeling tools and techniques for retinal implant development
Computer vision for selection of electrical stimulation protocol to assist prehension and grasp
The views of people with spinal cord injury about the use of Functional Electrical Stimulation
Can non-invasive electrical stimulation of the brain (ESB) modify the resting-state functional connectivity of the motor cortex? A proof of concept fMRI study
Display Centre of Pressure Location by Electrotactile Stimulation Using Phantom Sensation
Neuromuscular compartments of laryngeal muscles
Modulation of the motor cortex excitability by whole-hand electrical stimulation
Perfluorocarbon-Based Oxygen Carriers
The First Teleautomatic Low-Voltage Prosthesis With Multiple Therapeutic Applications
A Thermoreversible Polymer Mediates Controlled Release of Glial Cell Line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor to Enhance Kidney Regeneration
Application of Polycaprolactone as an Anti-Adhesion Biomaterial Film
Erythropoietin Receptor Is Expressed on Human Peripheral Blood T and B Lymphocytes and Monocytes and Is Modulated by Recombinant Human Erythropoietin Treatment
Design of a Symmetry Controller for Cycling Induced by Electrical Stimulation
The Use of Bivalirudin for Cardiopulmonary Bypass Anticoagulation in Pediatric Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia Patients
Disposable MagLev Centrifugal Blood Pump Utilizing a Cone-Shaped Impeller
Vascular Cryografts Offer Better Biomechanical Properties in Chronically Hemodialyzed Patients
Conversion to Sirolimus in Renal Transplant Recipients
Treatment for Mechanical Valve Thrombosis in the Right Heart
Hybrid Assembly of Metal Head and Femoral Stem From Different Manufacturers During Isolated Acetabular Revision
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