Dialog Across Boundaries: A Tribute to Dieter Falkenhagen
Current Techniques and Outcomes in Extracorporeal Life Support
Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Support in the Isolated Beating Porcine Heart in Nonischemic and Ischemic Pump Failure
Incidence and Risk Factor Analysis for Gastrointestinal Bleeding and Pump Thrombosis in Left Ventricular Assist Device Recipients
Pulsatility Produced by the Hemodialysis Roller Pump as Measured by Doppler Ultrasound
Pharmacokinetics of Certoparin During In Vitro and In Vivo Dialysis
Carbon Dioxide and Acetate-Free Biofiltration: A Relationship to be Investigated
Prognostic Significance of 1-Year Serum Albumin Levels Within the Normal Range After Kidney Transplantation
Atraumatic Pulsatile Leukocyte Circulation for Long-Term In Vitro Dynamic Culture and Adhesion Assays
Implantation of Total Artificial Heart in a Patient With Absent Superior Vena Cava
Complicated Left Ventricular Assist Device Infection Treated With Pump Exchange and Left Ventricular Apical Resection
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