Centrifugal Pumping During Routine Open Heart Surgery Improves Clinical Outcome

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Carrying out a 1,000 patient prospective, randomized study comparing a roller pump and the BioMedicus centrifugal pump (CP), hematological parameters, blood loss, renal function, postoperative complications, and lethality data were evaluated. Using a validated preoperative risk stratification method (Cardiac RiskMaster), patients were divided into different risk categories for statistical analysis. This study verified an improved outcome with the use of a CP in routine cardiac surgery, demonstrated by blood handling, blood loss, renal function, and nephrological complication data. There was also a significant reduction in neurological complications. There was no significant difference in postoperative lethality, but high risk patients demonstrated outcomes comparable to those being defined for medium risk patients. Routine cardiac surgical patients as well as multimorbid patients benefit from the use of a CP. Preoperative risk stratification is a valid tool to demonstrate how the employment of new technologies can provide for an improved outcome without increasing overall costs at the same time.

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