A Custom Designed Chip to Control an Implantable Stimulator and Telemetry System for Control of Paralyzed Muscles

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A custom designed chip has been developed for the control of paralyzed muscles. The system is capable of fulfilling the stimulus and telemetry needs of advanced functional neuromuscular stimulation (FNS) applications requiring multiple channels of stimulation and multiple channels for sensor or biopotential sensing. An inductive radiofrequency link provides power to the implant device as well as 2 way transcutaneous communication. An application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) decodes the commands and provides functional control within the implant, and modular circuitry provides specific implant functions. The ASIC chip provides up to 32 independent channels of stimulation with independent control of stimulus pulse duration, pulse amplitude, interphase delay, recharge phase duration, and pulse interval. It can also control up to 8 independent back telemetry analog channels with independent control of sampling rate and pulse powering parameters (amplitude and duration). The mixed analog digital chip has been fabricated in 1.2 µm n-well CMOS technology.

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