Functional Electrical Stimulation and Arm Supported Sit-To-Stand Transfer After Paraplegia: A Study of Kinetic Parameters

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The sit-to-stand transfer of paraplegic patients using functional electrical stimulation (FES) of the knee extensors and arm support was analyzed in the study. In a group of 8 completely paralyzed subjects who were trained FES users, kinematic and dynamic parameters were recorded during standing up trials. A contactless optical system was used to assess the human body motion. The forces acting on the human body were measured by multi-axis force transducers. On the basis of recursive Newton-Euler inverse dynamic analysis, the forces and torques acting on the body joints were calculated. The joint moments in the lower and upper extremities during the sit-to stand task are presented in this paper. The influences of the patient's strength, FES training duration, and rising strategy on the joint loading are discussed.

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