Factors Associated With Functional Capacity in Hemodialysis Patients

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Hemodialysis patients have a marked decrease in functional capacity when compared to healthy individuals. We evaluated the factors associated with functional capacity in hemodialysis patients. A total of 102 hemodialysis patients were evaluated. The patients were submitted to a 6-min walk test, peripheral muscle strength tests, and an evaluation of quality of life, anxiety, and depression. The laboratory data were measured. The 6-min walk test distance correlated significantly with age, educational level, hemoglobin, creatinine, number of comorbidities, peripheral muscle strength, and some domains of SF-36 quality of life questionnaire and depression (P < 0.05). Multiple linear regression showed that educational level, hemoglobin, peripheral muscle strength, and depression significantly affected the 6-min walk test distance (P < 0.05). The multiple correlation coefficient was 0.74, and the squared multiple correlation coefficient adjusted was 0.52. In conclusion, functional capacity was significantly associated with educational level, hemoglobin, peripheral muscle strength, and depression in hemodialysis patients.

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