Serum Inorganic Fluoride Levels in Mildly Obese Patients During and After Sevoflurane Anesthesia

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Serum inorganic fluoride levels in obese versus control patients were compared during and after sevoflurane anesthesia. Mean serum inorganic fluoride levels in the obese group increased more rapidly and were significantly higher than in the control group at each sampling time (P < 0.01). The area under the curve of fluoride concentration, versus time up to 24 h and 48 h in the obese patients, was significantly greater than that in the nonobese patients (P < 0.001). Peak serum fluoride level in the obese patients was 51.7 ± 2.5 μmol/L and exceeded 50 μmol/L for nearly 2 h. Our study showed that serum fluoride concentrations between mildly obese and nonobese patients differed during and after sevoflurane anesthesia.

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