Intralipid Restoration of Myocardial Contractions Following Bupivacaine-Induced Asystole: Concentration- and Time-Dependence In Vitro

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BACKGROUND:The concentration- and time-response relationships of lipid emulsion (LE; Intralipid) on the recovery of myocardial contractility following bupivacaine (BPV)-induced asystole are poorly defined.METHODS:After achieving asystole by 500-μM BPV, varied concentrations of LE were applied to determine the recovery of stimulated contractile responses and contractions in the cardiac tissues of guinea pigs at a 1.2-Hz stimulation rate. These experiments were performed with LE in either a recirculating (2%–16%) or washout (nonrecirculating) condition (0.05%–12%) for 60 minutes. The effect of LE itself (0.05%–12%) was examined. Oxfenicine was used to evaluate the metabolic action of LE to reverse asystole. BPV concentrations in solution and myocardial tissues were measured.RESULTS:In the recirculation condition, partial recovery of contractile forces was observed for 60 minutes at 4%, 8%, and 12% LE. A contracture followed after exposure to 16% LE in some asystolic muscles. In the washout experiments, following asystole, LE (0.05%–12%) had no effect on the recovery time of the first and regular contractile responses. LE (0.1%–8%) restored contractility to baseline levels after 45 minutes; partial recovery was shown with lower (0.05%) and higher (12%) concentrations. Oxfenicine did not alter the recovery of contractile forces. Contractile depression was observed with 12% LE alone. Concentration-related reduction of tissue BPV concentration by LE was observed in both circulating conditions.CONCLUSIONS:LE induced time- and concentration-dependent recovery of stimulated myocardial contractions from BPV-induced asystole. The lipid uptake effect, along with other undefined mechanisms of LE, seems to contribute to the recovery of contractile function; however, the LE effect on myocardial metabolism is less likely involved at this concentration (500 μM) of BPV.

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