Lessons Gleaned from Experience with Artificial Kidneys
Absorption of Fluid and Solutes from the Peritoneal Cavity : Theoretic and Therapeutic Implications and Applications
Hemodynamic Comparisons of Polyurethane Trileaflet and Bioprosthetic Heart Valves
Vibrofluidized Bed Coating of Hemoperfusion Adsorbents
Prevalence of HIV Virus Among Patients Undergoing Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis
Application of Surfaces with End Point Attached Heparin to Extracorporeal Circulation with Membrane Lungs
Plasma Retention and Metabolic Fate of Hemoglobin Modified with an Interdimeric Covalent Cross Link
Peritoneovenous Shunts in the Management of Ascites
Pathogenesis of Ascites in Cirrhosis: A Unitary Hypothesis
A Rational Approach to the Therapy of Ascites
The Place of the Peritoneovenous Shunt in the Treatment of Ascites
The Minnesota Shunt
Peritoneovenous Shunt Function 2–6 Years After Insertion for Cirrhotic Ascites
Randomized Clinical Trials of Treatment of Ascites in Alcoholic Cirrhotics Medical Treatment Versus Peritoneovenous Shunting
Complications of Peritoneovenous Shunts
Letters to the Editor
Reply to Flessner et al .