Project Bionics
Altruism and the Volunteer: Psychological Benefits from Participating as a Research Subject
Impact of United States Artificial Organ Development in Latin America
In the Beginning
Carbon Coated Polyethylene: Effect of Surface Energetics and Topography on Human Platelet Adhesion
Investigation on the Ability of an Ultrasound Bubble Detector to Deliver Size Measurements of Gaseous Bubbles in Fluid Lines by Using a Glass Bead Model
The LPD-II: A Modified Locked Percutaneous Device that Permits Safe Subcutaneous Access
Survival of Prosthetic Grafts of Different Materials after Impairment of a Native Arteriovenous Fistula in Hemodialysis Patients
Anatomic Study of the Pulmonary Artery as a Conduit for an Artificial Lung
Comparison of Three Commercially Available Hollow Fiber Oxygenators: Gas Transfer Performance and Biocompatibility
Perfusion with Lipopolysaccharide Negative Blood Eliminates Lipopolysaccharide Induced Lung Injury
LD-PACE II: A New Cardiomyostimulator for Cardiac Bioassist
Optimized Veno-Venous Bypass with the Affinity Pump
Effects of Prosthetic Valve Placement on Mitral Annular Dynamics and the Left Ventricular Base
Evaluation of a Novel Vitamin E Coated Cellulosic Membrane Hollow Fiber Dialyzer
Risk Factor Paradox in Hemodialysis: Better Nutrition as a Partial Explanation
Predictors of Erythropoietin Responsiveness in Chronic Hemodialysis Patients
Predictors of Mortality in Patients Treated with Continuous Hemodiafiltration for Acute Renal Failure in an Intensive Care Setting
Influence of Design of the Hemodialyzer Inlet Chamber on Red Blood Cell Damage During Hemodialysis
Resource Utilization for Peritoneal Catheter Placement