The Relationship of Colonial Mentality With Filipina American Experiences With Racism and Sexism

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Oppressive ideologies instilled through Spanish and United States colonization of the Philippines have influenced Filipino American values. In particular, the combination of patriarchic and racist ideologies stemming from colonization has contributed to Filipina Americans’ internalization of such oppression despite the years separating them from colonization. This study examined the relationship between colonized thinking and Filipina Americans’ experiences of sexist and racist oppression. Separate multiple regression models were developed to examine the relationship between the manifestations of colonial mentality with experiences of sexist discrimination (N = 137) and with racist discrimination (N = 124). Both regression models were found to be significant with 1 factor, internalized cultural and ethnic inferiority, as a unique contributor. Colonial debt also served as an important predictor in the variability of experiences of sexist discrimination.

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