The Effect of Ease of Transfer and Type of Catheter Used on Pregnancy and Implantation Rates in an IVF Program

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To test the effects of type of embryo transfer catheter, transfer difficulty, and observations after the transfer procedure on pregnancy and implantation rates in an IVF programme.


Patients were prepared for IVF using standard protocols. Embryo transfer was performed using either Edwards-Wallace or TDT catheter. The difficulty of transfer was graded by a clinician and biologist. Blood observed inside the catheter after the transfer procedure was scored as endometrial damage. Pregnancy and implantation rates were scored.


Type of embryo transfer catheter and the observation of blood did not significantly affect pregnancy and implantation rates when transfer was performed by a single operator.


In the hands of experienced, skilled operators, neither choice of transfer catheter and difficulty of transfer nor observations of blood on the transfer catheter caused any significant reduction in outcome to the patient.

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