Ovarian Response to Gonadotropin Stimulation in Repeated IVF Cycles After Unilateral Salpingectomy
Zygote Versus Embryo Transfer
A Comparison of Oocyte Donors' and Gestational Carriers/Surrogates' Attitudes Towards Third Party Reproduction
A Group-Comparative, Randomized, Double-Blind Comparison of the Efficacy and Efficiency of Two Fixed Daily Dose Regimens (100- and 200-IU) of Recombinant Follicle Stimulating Hormone (rFSH, Puregon®) in Asian Women Undergoing Ovarian Stimulation for IVF/ICSI
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Enhanced Cryosurvival of Bovine Blastocysts Produced In Vitro in Serum-Free Medium
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Possible Direct Cytoxicity Effects of Cyclophosphamide on Cultured Human Follicles