Autopsies in Relation to Teaching
The Isolation Problem in the Teaching of Pathology
Study of Entrance Credentials of 1930 Freshmen
Correlation Between the College and the Medical School
Results of Licensing Examinations
George M. Kober
Medical Schools and Licensure
Study of Student Records
New Orleans Postconvention Cruise
College News
General News
Plan for Training the Medical Student in General Practice
A Possible Remedy for the Present Depression in Pharmacology
Present Trend of Medical Education
The Preceptor Plan
Significance of Present Entrance Requirements
Deficiencies in the Teaching of Surgery
The Continuous Session Plan
Position of Pediatrics in Medical Teaching
What Constitutes a Complete Pediatric Department in a Medical School?
Present Status of Pediatric Teaching in Medical Schools
Clinical Allergy, Particularly Asthma and Hay Fever; Mechanism and Treatment
Science and Practice of Surgery
Treatment of Epilepsy
Pye's Surgical Handicraft
Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology
Textbook of Human Embryology
Protozoan Parasitism of the Alimentary Tract
Roentgent Interpretation; a Manual for Students and Practitioners
The Principles and Practice of Perimetry
The Theory of Obstetrics; A Functional Study of Child Bearing
Progressive Medicine
An Introduction to Practical Bacteriology; a Guide to Bacteriological Laboratory Work
A Handbook on Diseases of Children
Calcium Metabolism and Calcium Therapy
A Manual of the Common Contagious Diseases
Surgical Emergencies in Practice
Handbook of Diseases of Infants and Children for Students and Practitioners