Medical Education and the Minority Report of the Committee on the Costs of Medical Care
Medical Care of the American People; Income and Distribution of Physicians from the Standpoint of the Hospitals
Administration of Internships
A Suggested Revision of Medical Education
Administration of Clinical Clerkship
Animal Experimentation and Medical Education
Data on Licensure for 1933
Data on Interns in Massachusetts Hospitals
Additional Data on Study of Applicants
Inspection of Medical Schools and Medical Survey
Fellowship Pamphlet
“Premedical” Courses
College News
General News
Asphyxiation—Basic Problem in Medical Education
Are More Doctors Needed?
Length of the Medical Curriculum in Paris
Physics in Relation to Medicine
Test of Organized Medicine: Medical Education
Reform of Medical Education
Overstandardization in Medical Schools
One Hour of Medical History
Principles of Gynecology
Urinary Analysis and Diagnosis by Microscopic and Chemical Examination
Practical Methods in Biochemistry
Demonstrations of Physical Signs in Clinical Surgery
Bergey's Manual of Determinative Bacteriology
The Human Body: Its Structure and Activities and the Conditions of Its Healthy Working
Handbook of Therapeutics
Obstetric Medicine: Diagnosis and Management of the Common Diseases in Relation to Pregnancy
Chemistry of the Hormones