The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Toronto
Activities of the Association of American Medical Colleges
Evaluation of the Medical Aptitude Test
Study of Accomplishment of the 1934 Freshman Class in Seventy-eight Medical Colleges
The Two Year Medical School and University Education
The Toronto Meeting
Officers for 1935–1936
Resolution in re Two Year Schools
Intern Placement Bureau
Government Aids Medical Students
Atlanta, 1896
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Medical Education in the U. S. S. R
Distribution of Medical Students in Germany
Elective Courses in Medical Curriculum
Increase in Physicians in l'ienna
Across the Desk
Textbook of Bacteriology
Streamline for Health
Fasciae of the Human Body and Their Relation to the Organs They Envelop
Pediatric Treatment
Snake Hunters' Holiday
Psychology and Life
Diseases of the Skin
An Introduction to Public Health
Social and Religious Problems of Young People
Prescription Writing and Formulary; The Art of Prescribing