The Six Year Medical Course of the University of Toronto
Undergraduate Instruction in Medicine
Undergraduate Instruction in Surgery
Undergraduate Instruction in Pediatrics
Undergraduate Instruction in Psychology
Undergraduate Instruction in Psychiatry
Undergraduate Instruction in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine
Correlation of Scholarship in the Arts College with Scholarship in the Medical School
Accomplishment vs. Hours
State Board Examinations for 1935
Alphonse M. Schwitalla
Applications for Membership from Canadian Medical Schools
Exhibit of A. M. A. Meeting Held in Kansas City, Mo., May 11–15, 1936
Massachusetts Board Gains Power
Inspection of Medical Colleges
Elias Potter Lyon Medical Lectureship University of Minnesota
Dr. J. H. J. Upham
Perry H. Millard
College News
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Academic Dietetics
Hospital Internships for Theological Students
Skidmore Plan of Review Examinations
Traching of Tuberculosis
University of Wisconsin, Alumni Research Foundation
What the Intern Gives
Functions of the Hospital
The Art of Ministering to the Sick
Textbook of Obstetrics
Diagnostic Roentgenology
Synopsis of Physiology
Lectures on Diseases of Children
Dental Infection and Systemic Disease
Guide to Human Parasitology
Manual of the Common Contagious Diseases
Index of Differential Diagnosis and Main Symptoms
Diseases of Nose, Throat and Ear : Outline for Students
An Introduction to Surgery
Roentgenographic Technique
Textbook of Surgery
Clinical Heart Disease
Neurological Surgery
The Balanced Diet
Diseases of the Nose, Throat and Ear
The Study of Anatomy