A Report on the Correlation of Medical Aptitude Test Values, Premedical Records, and Freshman Medical Grades for the Class of 1938, at Emory University
Number of Physicians and Others Connected with the Faculties of the Medical Schools of the United States and Canada
An Address for Premedical Students
The Need for Graduate Training in Physical Medicine
New Things Which Should Be Taught in A Course on Professional Conduct and Medical Economics
The Over-Crowding of the Medical Profession
Entrance Requirements of Medical Colleges
Teaching Program for Interns
College News
A Practical Medical Dictionary
Textbook of Pathology
Textbook of Neuro-Anatomy
Vascular Disorders of the Limbs
Textbook of Pathology
Diseases of the Eye
Bailey's Textbook of Histology
Principles of Biochemistry
Textbook of Physiology
Manual of Pharmacology
Chemical Procedures for Clinical Laboratories
Textbook of Obstetrics
Starling's Principles of Human Physiology
The Art of Treatment
Roentgen Interpretation
Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Planning