The Introductory Course in Clinical Medicine
Introductory Course in Surgery
The Teaching of Pathology
The Organization of the Senior Curriculum at the University of California Medical School
Correlation Between the Outpatient Clinic and the Senior Curriculum
The Banishment of Minor Surgery
From Medical Graduate to Physician
Teaching Methods in Medicine, or How Effective Is Our Teaching?
Ross V. Patterson
Educational Conference
Licensure Statistics for 1937
Hospital Administrators
Army Medical Library and Museum
Teachers of Professorial Rank in U. S. Medical Colleges
Teacher placement Bureau
College News
General News
Qualifications and Preparation of Health Officers
Textbook of Clinical Pathology
Essentials of Psychiatry
Men Past Forty
Textbook of Pathology: An Introduction to Medicine
Textbook of Pharmaceutics
Workbook in Elementary Diagnosis for Teaching Clinical History Recording and Physical Diagnosis
Clinical Chemistry is Practical Medicine
Claude Bernard: Physiologist
Internships and Residencies in New York City, 1934-1937. Their Place in Medical Education
Athletic Injuries
Pediatric Surgery
Practice of Urology
Textbook of Pathology
Pharmaceutical Latin
Essentials of Obstetrical and Gynecological Pathology: With Clinical Correlation
Cause and Prevention of Disease
The Infant: A Handbook of Modern Treatment