The Study of the Patient as a Whole as Training for Medical Practice
Environmental Case Studies by Medical Students
Clinical-Public Health Case Studies by Medical Students, with Special Reference to Home Visits
Domiciliary Medicine at the University of Georgia School of Medicine
The Teaching of Domiciliary Medicine at Tufts College Medical School
Concerning Interns and Internships
Syracuse University College of Medicine Historical Note
A Method of Examination in the History of Medicine
From: American Public Health Association To: Association of American Medical Colleges
Freshman Class: 1938-1939
New York State Education Department Ruling on Extramural Medical Schools of Great Britain
First Honors to Georgia
Graduating Class: 1938
National Library of Peiping
Wanted: Pathologist
The Curriculum
College News
General News
Fundamentals of Experimental Pharmacology
Outline of Psychiatric Case Study
Everyday Surgery
Life's Beginning On the Earth
Essentials of Modern Surgery
Biology for Pharmaceutical Students and Others
The Abnormal on Obstetrics
Textbook of Neuroanatomy and The Sense Organs
Treatment of Fractures
Manual of Fractures and Dislocations