Medical Student Health
Research, the Key to Progress
One Hundred Years of Medical Education in Georgia
Liaison Psychiatry and Intern Instruction
Some Observations on the Teaching of Medical History
The Advisability of Didactic and Clinical Instruction on the Fundamentals of Dentistry for Medical Students
The Journal
Should the Internship Be a Part of the Medical Course?
Canadian Hospitals: Internships
The Lowest Third in College
The Cincinnati Meeting
The Internship
Student Health Care
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Should the Internship Become a Part of the Medical Course?
Zoology for Premedical Students
Textbook of Medical Bacteriology
Big Fleas Have Little Fleas or Who's Who Among the Protozoa
Spinal Anesthesia
Aids to Histology
Diseases of the Nose, Throat and Ear
Surgery of Oral and Facial Diseases and Malformations
Fundamentals of Internal Medicine
Practice of Medicine
Synopsis of Clinical Laboratory Methods
Clinical Laboratory Methods and Diagnosis
Laboratory Manual of Hematologic Technic Including Interpretations
Diseases of the Chest and the Principles of Physical Diagnosis
Practical Microbiology and Public Health
Applied Anatomy: Functional Topographical
The Medical Application of the Short Wave Current
Principles and Practice of Obstetrics
Surgical Pathology
Handbook of Histological and Cytological Technique
Essentials of Pathology
Aids to Embryology
Pathological Technique