Physical Therapy in Medical Education
A Four Year Correlative Teaching Plan for the Nervous System
The Influence of Color and Form Vision on the Progress of Medical Students in Microscopic Anatomy: Implications in Medical Education
The Bane of “Pre-” Courses and Vocational Education as Preparation to the Study of Medicine
Constructive Criticisms of Undergraduate Teaching in Psychiatry
Faith and the Doctor
Burke-Wadsworth Bill
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Annual Meeting: Ann Arbor
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Textbook of Biochemistry
Hearing and Equilibrium
Textbook of Public Health
Introduction to Biochemistry
A Textbook of Physiology
Principles of Surgical Care, Shock and Other Problems
Green's Manual of Pathology
An Introduction to Biochemistry
Handbook of Microscopic Characteristics of Tissues and Organs
Manual of Medical and Surgical Emergencies
Histopathology of the Peripheral and Central Nervous Systems
Manson's Tropical Diseases
A Manual of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology
Synopsis of the Principles of Surgery