Address of President
Interrelationship of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
How Pharmacology Will Need to Prepare Itself to Correlate with Therapeutics
The Teaching of Pharmacology
What Is Wrong With the Teaching of Materia Medica and Therapeutics in Medical Schools?
Postgraduate Medical Education and Internships
Is the Study of Comparative Anatomy of any Value to the Student who Expects to Study Medicine?
An Experiment in Clinical Teaching
Is There a Need for a Certification Program for the Medical Library Profession?
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Internships: Supply and Demand
The Richmond Meeting
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The Internship: A Hospital and Medical School Program
Microbes Which Help or Destroy Us
The Man Who Lived for Tomorrow
Cardiac Clinics
A Manual of Bandaging, Strapping and Splinting
The Principal Nervous Pathways
Diseases of the Blood and Atlas of Hematology
Synopsis of Applied Clinical Chemistry
Textbook of General Surgery
Practical Methods in Biochemistry
Handbook of Communicable Diseases
A Textbook of Pathology
Clinical Immunology, Biotherapy and Chemotherapy in the Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of Disease
The Mask of Sanity