Instruction in Industrial Medicine for Medical Students
Teaching Industrial Health to Medical Students
Preliminary Report of the Committee on the Teaching of Public Health and Preventive Medicine Association of American Medical Colleges
Who Teaches Anatomy Anyhow?
Study of the Accomplishment of the 1940-1941 Freshman Class of the Medical Schools of the United States and Canada
Medical Education and General Semantics
The Medical Student of Today
The Teaching of Tropical and Parasitic Diseases in Medical Schools of the United States
The Accelerated Program
College and University War Problems
Entrance Credentials of the 1941 Freshman Class
Volunteer Physician Defense Workers
United States Defense Savings Program
College News
General News
The Doctors Mayo
Textbook of Neuroanatomy
Encephalitis: A Clinical Study
Clinical Hematology
Laboratory Diagnosis of Protozoan Diseases
Symptom Diagnosis: Regional and General
Textbook of Embryology
Handbook of Ocular Therapeutics
Nasal Sinuses: An Anatomic and Clinical Consideration
Food and Beverage Analyses
Anatomy of the Nervous System
The Blood Bank and the Technique and Therapeutics of Transfusions
Essentials of Prescription Writing